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Fall 2011 Education Abroad Network (EAN) Meeting

    Fall 2012 Meeting

    When Students WIV( Work, Intern, or Volunteer) Abroad Opportunities

    Friday, October 14, 2011
    1:30–2 p.m. - light refreshments
    2–4 p.m. - meeting
    402 Walter Library

    When Students WIV (Work, Intern, or Volunteer) Abroad opportunities, do you ever discuss the realities of volunteering and interning (i.e. who really benefits from a student's experience?), managing both expectations and preconceptions of WIV experiences, health and safety issues, and in some cases, grappling with some tough ethical considerations while abroad?

    This session is a perfect time for us to come together to network, learn and reflect about these important WIV issues.  Hear from key colleagues from around the campus and Learning Abroad Center staff to learn from their experiences facing student development issues surrounding an array of Work, Intern, and Volunteer Abroad opportunities.  Come join us!

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