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Internationalizing the Curriculum Conference April 2004

    Conference Mission

    The Study Abroad Curriculum Integration Conference was the result of the University of Minnesota’s successful effort to create a replicable model for internationalizing the undergraduate curriculum and to offer colleagues from around the country an opportunity to present ideas and work regarding study abroad curriculum integration.

    Agenda & Session Details

    Purchase Monograph

    monograph of the conference proceedings can be purchased for $10. 

    Who Attended

    This conference was designed for 4 functional areas within academic institutions: upper-level campus administrators, academic advisers, faculty members, and study abroad professionals. Study abroad program providers also found the content of interest.

    Keynote Speaker Walter Mondale

    Former Vice-President, Senator, and Ambassador Walter “Fritz” Mondale gave the conference keynote speech. Mondale, who received both his B.A. and LL.B. from the University of Minnesota, shared his thoughts on the need to incorporate international educational experience into the undergraduate curriculum. Mondale’s national and international experience provides him with unique insights to share about the responsibility of higher education in preparing US citizens for their role in the global community.