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Curriculum Integration for University of Minnesota Academic Units

University of Minnesota leadership set a vision to internationalize the undergraduate experience, a vision that involves all campuses, colleges, and academic units. President Kaler encourages the transformation of undergraduate education through study abroad. Learn more about the history of study abroad curriculum integration and take the online tutorial to become familiar with the process and products of curriculum integration.

Assess, Match, Motivate —
The Study Abroad Curriculum Integration Process

Explore the University of Minnesota's innovative method of integrating study abroad into the undergraduate curricula: Assess, Match, Motivate. A major product of this process will be a Learning Abroad Major Advising Page (MAP) for your academic unit and your undergraduate students.

The process of developing a Study Abroad Major Advising Sheet begins with faculty and academic advisers reviewing learning outcomes for their undergraduates and eventually leads to improved communication strategies between faculty, academic advisers, and students regarding study abroad.

Addressing Student Finances for Study Abroad

Qualitative and quantitative evidence shows that University of Minnesota students view the "cost" of study abroad as the most significant factor influencing whether they will study abroad. The University's curriculum integration initiative proactively addresses the financial concern of students through scholarship development, training advisers on "how to talk about the cost of study abroad," and educating students on the long-term investment in study abroad.

Increasing Underrepresented Student Participation in Study Abroad

Current Curriculum Integration Activities

On-going activities for University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and academic advisers on curriculum integration include these engagement opportunities.

Learning Abroad Center professionals continue to work with departments to internationalize undergraduate curricula with study abroad.