Learning Abroad Center

Session Presentations 2018

Session Presentations

Leveraging International Alumni to Facilitate High-Impact Internships Abroad

  • Laura L. Hammond, Assistant Director, Experience and Professional Development, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University 
  • Annika Turner, Associate Director, TuckGO, Global Insight Expeditions, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Enhancing Career Readiness Through CliftonStrengths-Based Programming Abroad and on Campus 

  • Amy Bowes, Senior Advisor and Program Coordinator, University of Iowa, Study Abroad
  • Carri Orrison, Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships—Global Experiences 
  • Amanda McFadden, Director, Academic Programs and International Services, University of Iowa, Pomerantz Career Center

From Study Abroad to Internships Abroad: Continuing to shape the journey vs. the destination for liberal arts students

  • Neal McKinney, Associate Director for Off-Campus Programs, DePauw University 
  • Chris Klein, Assistant Director for Off-Campus Programs, DePauw University

Working Internationally: Designing and Delivering a Course with Specialist Perspectives

  • Amanda McFadden, Director of Academic Programs & International Services, Pomerantz Career Center—The University of Iowa 
  • Erin Johnson, Associate Professor of Instruction & Director, Undergraduate Program in Management & Organizations—The University of Iowa

US Department of State Study Abroad Scholarships Lead to International Careers

  • Rebecca Gailey, USA Study Abroad Officer, US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 
  • Jennifer Lawson, USA Study Abroad Outreach Officer, US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Increasing International Internship Participation Through Innovative Partnerships

  • Chelsea Keen, Global Experiences Coordinator, Career Enrichment Network, College of Liberal Arts, Penn State University 
  • Eliza Leland, College Relations Manager of Internship Programming, IES Internships 
  • Hilles Hughes, Director of Career Services, Marietta College 
  • Angela Schwarzer, College Relations Manager, Internship Programming, IES Internships

Meeting Students Where They Are: Career Integration During Every Step of the Study Abroad Experience

  • Amber Bieneck Thom, Career Counselor, University of St. Thomas
  • Sarah Huesing, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, University of St. Thomas

What Matters? Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment (vol. 3) Call for Papers

  • Michael Woolf, Deputy President for Strategic Development, CAPA: The Global Education Network 
  • Kim Hindbjorgen Assistant Director, Curriculum and Career Integration, Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota

Beyond Internships: Integrating Career Readiness into Faculty-Led Programs

  • Kerry O’Brien, Coordinator for Short-Term Programs, University of Maryland 
  • Ilana Waldman, International Coordinator Arizona State University

Connecting the Dots: Integrating Learning Abroad and Career Skills Through ePortfolios

  • Paloma Rodriguez, Associate Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs, University of Florida International Center 
  • Andie Cochran, Associate Director for Career and Industry Engagement at the University of Florida Career Resource Center 
  • Ann Hubbard, Vice President of AIFS Study Abroad

Leveraging Partnerships Within the University of Minnesota

  • Steve Cisneros, Program Director, President’s Emerging Scholars (PES) Program, University of Minnesota 
  • Scott Daby, Assistant Director of Advising & Enrollment, Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota

Career Readiness in Liberal Arts Education: Bridging Education Abroad and Career Development

  • Tim Dohmen, Learning Abroad Center Program Director, College of Liberal Arts Initiatives Liaison, University of Minnesota 
  • Erica Tealy, Career Counselor, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota