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Content Committee Members

    Content Committee Members

    Andrea Custodi

    Director of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, CET Academic Programs

    Catherine Donohue

    Career Advisor in the A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

    Keely Hayes

    Regional Recruitment Supervisor for the Peace Corps

    Kim Hindbjorgen

    Assistant Director, Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota

    Tonija Hope Navas

    Director Ralph Bunche International Affairs Center, Howard University

    Martha Johnson

    Assistant Dean, Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota

    Mark Lenhart

    Executive Director, CET Academic Programs

    Craig Rinker

    Director of Global Education, Georgetown University

    Randall Salisbury

    Director of Europe, Latin America, and Middle East Programs at CET

    Anne Scammon

    Managing Director, Curricular and Strategic Initiatives at the George Washington University, Center for Career Services

    Michael Woolf

    Deputy President for Strategic Development, CAPA The Global Education Network


    CAPA The Global Education Network

    Diversity Abroad

    IES Abroad

    IFSA The Institute for Study Abroad

    The Intern Group

    NAFSA Association for International Educators