Access Abroad

Guidelines For Hosting Students With Disabilities

General Considerations

Hosting a student with a disability is in many ways like hosting any other student. However, there are some additional considerations that can help to make the experience more comfortable for both the family and the student.

Suggestions for Advisers

Suggestions for Host Families

Selecting the Homestay

If the student has limited mobility, finding a homestay close to class or accessible transportation will be a priority.

It is not necessary to find a family experience with a disability.  Any family that receives adequate orientation/information about a student's needs could be a potential host family for a student with a disability.

Disclosing Information

Talk with the student about what information about the student's disability to disclose to the host family. In most cases, a host family needs to know the effects the disability may have on the student's daily routine and what kind of assistance or modifications will be helpful to provide.

Modifications in the Home

When hosting a student with a mobility disability, the family may need to adapt the home. Some examples: