Non UofM Students

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling Your Application

Participants who wish to cancel must log into their Education Abroad account online and submit a cancel request by selecting the "Cancel Application" button on the bottom of the checklist page.

Participants will continue to accrue non-recoverable costs based on the chart below until official notification is received.

Participants are responsible for all program fees until notification is received by the Learning Abroad Center. Institutions paying on behalf of the participant are responsible for all program fees until official notice of cancellation by the student is received by the Learning Abroad Center. It is the student’s responsibility to also notify the institution paying their program fees of their cancellation from the program.

Financial Obligation

The application fee and confirmation deposit for all programs (Learning Abroad Center programs, affiliated programs, custom programs and exchanges) are non-refundable, as are the administrative fees for outside programs. Students are responsible for the cancellation/refund policy of the host program if their cancellation policy exceeds that of the Learning Abroad Center.

The Learning Abroad Center reserves space on the program for the participant upon receipt of the Confirmation and Payment Agreement. At this point, the Learning Abroad Center incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who cancels at any time after the Confirmation and Payment Agreement has been received will be responsible for the program sponsor's deposit (if waived at the time of application) in addition to the following, upon cancellation from the program:

Cancellation Period & Amount Due

Cancellation Period Amount Due
60 days or more $400—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
45–59 days $600—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
30–44 days $1,000—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
15–29 days $1,500—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
14 days or less before start date of program $3,000—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
Begin date of program Full program fee

The Learning Abroad Center consults with the program sponsor for non-recoverable costs.

Participants who defer to another term rather than cancel from a program within 60 days of the start of the program must pay a second application fee and remain responsible for the cancellation policy based on the deferred date. Students cannot defer to another term to avoid cancellation fees. Once confirmed only one deferral is allowed and must be to another term within one calendar year of the original term. If a student defers to another term and then cancels from that term the student will be responsible for the cancellation policy from both terms.

Academic Year, Calendar Year, & Multiple Term Participants

Participants canceling from their commitment at the end of the first term are responsible for the published program fee for that term (e.g., an academic year program would be equivalent to fall semester fee. If invoiced half of the academic year fee, a balance may be owed if the fall semester fee was higher than half of the academic year fee). Participants may be responsible for any non-recoverable costs attributed to the second semester portion of the program fee (these fees can be substantial and may include room and board, tuition, etc.). Additionally, any participant enrolling in more than one term abroad (e.g., May session, summer session) may be liable for the full program costs of all terms abroad, depending on the non-recoverable costs and specific refund policies for that program.

Appeal for Refund

Students have the option to appeal the Cancellation Policy when cancelling for extenuating circumstances. The Appeal for Refund Process details the process.

The information contained in this Cancellation Policy supersedes any verbal or other written information that anyone may receive regarding this policy. This policy is subject to any applicable refund policies of non-University of Minnesota host institutions.