Tea plantation in Malaysia

2013 Photo Contest Winners

    Day in the Life

    First Place: "Jumping for Joy"— Esaase, Ghana

    Katie Schalow

    Four boys smile and jump together

    Though the entire duration of my stay in Ghana was amazing, my favorite thing above all else was spending time with the kids. The appreciation the Ghanaian children had for simple things such as getting their pictures taken was so refreshing. I would attempt to take a picture of one or two children and would end up with a crowd. This photo is of four boys from the fifth grade class that I taught. Every day my teaching partner and I would teach for four hours with a brief break in the middle in which the kids would go to the schoolyard to hang out and buy snacks. This was my favorite time to take pictures because it helped me get to know a lot of the kids. This particular photo is from a day when I showed the kids how to take a successful “jumping picture.” Though I have many photos of many kids jumping, this was my favorite because the boys jumped with their arms around one another and are exuding a happiness that I encountered every day in Ghana.

    Second Place: "A Rainy Day in the Jewish Ghetto"—Rome, Italy

    Laura Stromberg

    Small square surrounded by arched doorway and statues

    On our first day in Rome during a tour through the city, we stumbled across the Jewish Ghetto. As our professor spoke, all of the students stood in awe, captivated by the silent beauty of the scene. Since then, I've made it routine to walk through it on the way to my internship each morning. The neighborhood embodies a calming ambiance, since it's rarely visited by anyone other than residents or those in search of great traditional cuisine. Although much of the area has been torn down, the Jewish Ghetto still exemplifies a full body of character and charm.

    Third Place: "Milking It For All It's Worth"—Switzerland

    Theresa Twohey

    Cow in pasture, snowy peaks in the distance

    We visited many dairy farms during our trip in Switzerland. This farm in particular was unplanned but I was so thankful that we stopped. The farm was surrounded by beautiful scenery and the picture was taken in the pasture where the cows were out grazing. This is a site that the family gets to view everyday. We were able to walk out in the pasture with the cows and enjoy the scenery while interacting with the animals. The beautiful cows and the beautiful mountains are a part of the daily work scenery and I feel this photo fully captures the beauty of dairy farming and Switzerland!

    Postcard Picture

    First Place: "Boardwalk through Paradise"—Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

    Megan Feltz

    Wooden walkway across a stream through deciduous forest

    During my time abroad I went on many trips. My favorite of those was this one to Croatia. I have never seen such beauty until then; it gave me a real appreciation for nature and a desire to explore. Like my study abroad experience, the walk through Croatia’s largest national park had many twists and turns. This picture best exemplifies my adventures both during the semester and through my walk in the wilderness.

    Second Place: "Hmong Boy Playing Qeej at Dawn"—Phu Chee Fah Mountain, near Chiang Rai, Thailand

    Justin Schell

    Boy plays musical instrument while overlooking mountainous area

    One of the main tourist attractions for those visiting the Chiang Rai area of northern Thailand is Phu Chee Fah, a mountain rising nearly 5000 feet. I climbed up the steep, rocky path before dawn to see the sunrise break over a sea of mist, with forests and lower mountaintops shrouded in fog. After the sun had risen, I turned to walk down and saw this young Hmong boy playing the traditional bamboo reed instrument called the qeej for tourists. I grabbed my camera, took one shot as I walked past, and continued down the mountain. Only later did I realize that this was the best photo of the hundreds I took during the trip.

    Third Place: "Buon Anno from the Roma Colosseum"—Rome, Italy

    Aoife O'Connor

    Colosseum lit up at ngith, with fireworks in the background

    The winter break before I took off for my semester in Morocco, I was lucky enough to be able to fit in a trip euro-railing around France, Italy and Ireland to kick-off my study abroad adventures. And out of all of my travels, spending New Years Eve at the Roman Colosseum was one of my favorite experiences of the spring. Seeing the amazing monument light up with fireworks, surrounded by thousands of people celebrating from all over the world was incredible. A totally surreal night, I'm glad I have photos to remember the most wonderful new years of my life!