Tea plantation in Malaysia

2012 Photo Contest Winners

    Your Postcard Picture

    1st Place: "A Simple Siesta"—Merida, Venezuela

    Garret Schultz

    Man asleep in a hammock

    When we were returning from los Llanos we made a pit stop for gas in the countryside. Across the street from the little shop appeared to be a shed of some sort with chickens and scrap metal scattered in the yard. As we were waiting for the bus I noticed music being emitted from the shack. I decided to take a quick gander and noticed there was an elderly man sleeping in a hammock. As I inched my way closer, I could not help but to snap a few photos. As I captured the last one, he woke up, saw me and smiled; it was simply beautiful.

    2nd Place: "Layers that Lie Beyond the Edge"—South Africa

    Cort Eidem

    Man stands on edge of a cliff, overlloming rocky expanse

    3rd Place: "Puesta del sol de Toledo"—Toledo, Spain

    Allison Collins

    Landscape of wall city and river


    A Day in the Life

    "Friendship is Universal"—India

    Margaret Tierney

    Five boys walk arm in arm on dirt road

    While interning in a rural village in India, a couple students and I got in the habit of going for a walk each afternoon. One day when we passed through a neighboring village on one of these walks, a group of kids caught sight of us and came running out of their houses, yelling “Namaste, Namaste!” This friendly band of giggling kids surrounded us for the rest of our walk, showering us with smiles and curious looks. While watching these kids laugh and joke with each other as we walked, I was struck by how similar they are to kids in the US, despite living on the opposite side of the world. In a country where everything seems so different, it is comforting to know that some things, such as goofing around with friends, are universal. I snapped this picture of our companions to remember them by as we parted ways.

    2nd Place: "Rope Swing"—Townsville, Queensland, Australia

    Melanie Stavenau

    Group of people climb on tree over a body of water

    3rd Place: "Flohmarkt am Mauerpark"—Berlin, Germany

    Whitney Pusch

    Close-up of old clock


    Gophers Abroad

    "Horizon"—Toledo, Spain

    Craig Richter

    Man in U of M shirt poses with coast in background

    San Sebastian was the summer vacation town of my host mother in Toledo during her childhood. She had not been there in 40 years, but heavily encouraged me to take the trip. I traveled alone by bus for the weekend 6 hours to San Sebastian, explored the small town by myself, and climbed Mont Igueldo. I asked the woman in the office on the Mont if it was worth two Euro to climb the old castle tower from which the photo is taken. She replied, "Yes," and I skeptically climbed the tower having paid my fee. The view of the Pyrenees mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Spanish and French coastlines left me completely speechless, and I spent half an hour admiring the sheer thought of what lied beyond the horizon that I could see. I knew nothing of this city before coming here, to the north coast of the Iberian Peninsula, to the north coast of Spain, to the memories of my host mother.