Learning Abroad for Honors Students

Learning Abroad for Honors Students

“Study abroad for students in the University Honors Program (UHP) matches perfectly our emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. Honors students need to gain an awareness of different approaches, cultures, and languages to be ready to face the global challenges of the 21st Century.”
—Serge Rudaz
Founding Director of the University Honors Program

Study Abroad Process

This is the basic process you'll complete in order to study abroad. The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible.

Academic Planning

Review the following suggestions from the University Honors Program before beginning your study abroad research.

Learning Abroad counts toward required Honors Experience Requirements. Discuss your learning abroad and academic research interests with your UHP adviser as well as your major/minor or college adviser. As you plan your learning abroad experience, be sure to refer to the Major Advising Page associated with your academic major.

Consider programs that will allow you to do one or more of the following:

Conduct research, complete a directed study, and prepare for your thesis project

Experience cultural immersion

Fulfill major or minor requirements

Take liberal education or elective courses

Improve language skills


Africa and the Middle East


University Study in Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Study in Jerusalem, a city sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Instruction is in English; Hebrew and Arabic language courses are also available.
  • Coursework available in Jewish History, Civilization & Education; Israel Studies; Middle East & Islamic Studies; Religious Studies; Political Science and more.
  • Spring in Jerusalem-Honors Program is offered spring semester.  Combines language study, research and advanced coursework.  Available to outstanding students on a competitive basis.

University Study in Israel: University of Haifa


Minnesota Studies in International Development in Kenya

  • Earn credit through coursework, research projects, and internships. The internship placement or research projects and living experience will help you better understand the complexity of social change and development in the global context.
  • No language prerequisite.


SIT Morocco– Migration Studies

  • Based in Rabat, Morocco, this program will give students a multifaceted perspective of migration in Morocco. This program combines language training with classroom and field study.


Minnesota Studies in International Development in Senegal

  • Earn credit through coursework, research projects, and internships. The internship placement or research projects and living experience will help you better understand the complexity of social change and development in the global context.
  • Two years of French required.


CIEE South Africa– service-learning

  • Participants in this program, based in and around Cape Town, engage in community service while taking part in a rigorous academic program. 
  • The service component is tied to the core course as well as the capstone project. The connection is made through daily reflection activities including journaling, periodic reporting, discussion, and written papers.

SIT Rwanda– Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding

  • Examine Rwanda’s 1994 genocide and its impacts. Learn how the country is approaching post-conflict restoration and reconciliation.
  • The semester courseload combines language study, a thematic seminar, a field study seminar, and an independent study project.



SIT Chile & Argentina

  • Based in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, students have the opportunity to conduct advanced field research in the social sciences, environmental policy, education, or public health. 
  • Students take three classes/eight credits. The classes include Advanced Social Research Methods, a contemporary issues seminar, and an advanced research project class.

IFSA-Butler Argentina

  • This program combines Spanish language, a program course, and Argentine university courses with local students at one or more of the best universities in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina. 
  • A research option is available. The summer program includes Spanish language and one or two area studies courses. 
  • Instruction is in Spanish; two year of college-level Spanish required.


CIEE Bonaire

  • This program combines classroom-based learning and field study in the tropical ecosystems of the southern Caribbean. Students enroll in Coral Reef Ecology, Human Ecology, Marine Resource Management, Independent Research Project, and Fundamentals of Scientific Diving Research Methods. 
  • Participants must have scuba certification but may complete the open water scuba skills portion of the certification in-country before the program begins. One year of biology or environmental science required. 
  • Instruction is in English.  


IFSA-Butler Chile

  • Combine specially designed program courses with university courses offered at highly regarded universities in Santiago or Valparaíso. A research option is available in Santiago.
  • Instruction in Spanish; two years of college-level Spanish required.


Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID)

  • Courses on country analysis and development, followed by an internship or research project with a local development organization.  Homestays enrich cultural immersion.
  • Research topics are based on current projects at local organizations with a focus on understanding in-country development needs and dynamics.
  • 2 years college-level Spanish required. 

Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment (available through SIT Chile)

  • The program is based in Arica located on Chile's northern coast.
  • Consider different conceptions of wellness and healing, including beliefs and health practices of the Aymara and Mapuche indigenous groups. The program gives students the opportunity to experience Chile's health system firsthand with guided, insightful visits to public and private health centers.
  • 4 semesters college-level Spanish.

Asia and Oceania


Arcadia Australia– Parliamentary Internship

  • This program offers an exceptional opportunity to complete research for a member or senator of the Australian Parliament, public service agency, industry or community organization, or lobby group. 

University Study in Australia:

James Cook University

University of Melbourne

  • Experience Australian student life for a semester or year by studying at one of two highly regarded universities. Choose from either James Cook University, located in tropical Queensland, or the dynamic environment offered by the University of Melbourne.


MSID India

  • Courses on country analysis and development, followed by an internship or research project with a local development organization.  Homestays enrich cultural immersion.
  • Development course tailored to develop field-specific knowledge in education, public health, entrepreneurship, cultural studies, environment or social services.
  • Instruction is in English.   


University Study in New Zealand: 

University of Auckland

University of Otago

Victoria University of Wellington

  • Experience New Zealand student life for a semester or year by studying at one of three highly regarded universities. 


University Study in South Korea: Yonsei University

  • Known around the world as the most prestigious private university in Korea, Yonsei University serves as the base for the University Study in South Korea program. 
  • Students can take classes in English or Korean through the University’s Division of International Education and Exchange.



Exchange in Amsterdam

  • Study in Amsterdam, the thriving capital of the Netherlands, and a city of canals, parks, world-class museums, and cobblestone streets.
  • Take classes at the University of Amsterdam, a comprehensive and internationally oriented research university.
  • Take courses alongside Dutch students and choose from a wide variety of coursework taught in English. Students can also take Dutch language courses at various levels.


Study Abroad in Montpellier

  • Based at the Paul Valéry University, the liberal arts division of the University of Montpellier, this program provides an extremely flexible course structure. Choose from a mix of customized courses with American foreign students, and regular University of Montpellier courses with French students. Internships are available.
  • Instruction is in French.

CIEE France—Critical Studies Paris

  • This program is designed for more advanced students interested in critical thought, philosophy and art.
  • This track offer site visits within Paris as well as weekend trips to other regions in France.
  • The summer program, divided in two sessions, can accommodate students at a variety of levels.


University Study in Ireland: University of Limerick

  • Study in Limerick, located in western Ireland on the banks of the Shannon River.
  • The University of Limerick is known as a technological powerhouse in Ireland, and works closely with the nearby National Technology Park of Ireland. The university is also well known for science, humanities, business, and social studies.

Arcadia Ireland– Irish Parliamentary Internship

  • This program offers a six-credit internship with a member of either the lower house of Parliament or the Senate, combined with three special Irish studies courses taught at the Institute of Public Administration for interns in the program.


The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging (HECUA)

  • This program focuses on the development of the European Union (EU) and its relationship to globalization. Participants examine the dominant ideologies underpinning the European project and the social consequences of European integration.
  • Seminars include a variety of experiential projects outside the classroom where students interact with diverse groups including politicians, community activists, university faculty, and local citizens.
  • Instruction is in English; no prior Norwegian is required.

University Study in Norway:

University of Oslo

University of Bergen

Norwegian University of Life Science

  • Experience Norwegian student life by studying for a semester or year.
  • Each University offers a wide range of courses taught in English, along with courses taught in Norwegian, enabling you to make progress in your degree.


Study & Intern in Toledo 
  • Internships are available assisting in local schools. You may also enroll in a service-learning course that explores immigration issues in Spain through service with immigrants in Toledo.
  • There is a wide range of courses in Spanish language and culture. Studies are enhanced by the wealth of historical and cultural resources available in Toledo, Madrid, and the surrounding region.
  • Instruction is in Spanish; two years of college-level Spanish required.


SIT Switzerland– International Studies, Organizations, & Social Justice

  • Using an experiential case study approach, this Geneva-based program combines classroom seminars with lectures and briefings at international and nongovernmental organizations including the United Nations.
  • Includes field excursions in Switzerland and France as well as field-based assignments and interactive research projects.
  • Instruction is in English.


University Study in the UK: University of Glasgow

  • One of the oldest and largest universities in the United Kingdom, and is noted for its excellence in teaching and research in various academic disciplines.
  • Fieldwork and projects are central to the courses, offering a wide range of experiences.

University Study in the UK, Queen Mary London

  • Located in the diverse East End of London. Walk to classes and enjoy easy access to all other parts of London by tube and bus.
  • Study with British students and take instruction in English from British faculty.

HECUA Northern Ireland– Democracy & Social Change

  • Study the historical, political, economic, and religious roots of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the prospects for peace, and the progress being made. A half time, 8-credit internship complements classroom and field study and could easily focus on a cultural topic.
  • Instruction is in English.

Arcadia Scotland– Scottish Parliamentary Internship

  • This program offers a six-credit internship working with members of the Scottish Parliament, combined with three special Scottish studies courses taught by University of Edinburgh faculty.

SIT The Balkans

  • Spend a semester learning about peacebuilding, reconciliation, and the struggle for human rights in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo
  • The semester courseload combines intensive language study, a thematic seminar, a field study seminar, and an independent study project

Additional Options to Consider

Intensive Language Programs

  • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor
  • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester long program

Global Seminars

  • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over Winter Break or May Session.
  • Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.
  • Explore an exciting location and topic! Check out this year's offerings!

Freshman Seminars

  • Freshman Seminars Abroad combine on-campus instruction during spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break.
  • Seminars are 3 credits at the 19xx level and most fulfill a liberal education requirement.
  • Seminars are designed specifically for first year students as an introduction to study abroad.

Work, Intern, and Volunteer (WIV) Abroad Programs (non-credit)

Student Experiences

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on other students' experiences studying abroad.