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Study Abroad in Spanish & Portuguese

Study Abroad in Spanish & Portuguese

Make Study Abroad Part of Your Degree

Get started making study abroad part of your degree. The Study Abroad Major Advising PDF fills you in on specifics about...

Steps in the Planning Process

  • How to choose a program
  • Who to contact for advice

How to Stay on Track with Your Academic Timeline

Departmental Advising Resources

Program Options

  • Field experience, host-university, and study abroad center arrangements
  • Short-term and language intensive programs
  • Locations that range throughout the world

Student Experiences
Explore how other students built study abroad into their major:

Craig C. Studies Physiology and Spanish in Ecuador
Through the year-long MSID program in Ecuador, Craig C. was able to complete an internship within his Physiology major while also receiving credits towards his Spanish major.

Carrie G. Studies and Interns in South America
First with the MSID program in Ecuador, then on an internship with the State Department in Peru, and finally spending a year in studying in Santiago, Chile, Carrie has traveled extensively in South America. She is now pursuing a career as a U.S. Foreign Service officer, hoping to become an ambassador someday!

Alice S. Studies Development in Ecuador
Alice, a sociology major, lived in Ecuador for the academic year, and spent time both in Quito and the Cotacachi area in rural Ecuador. She gained experience working with a non-governmental organization, and studying culture and development.

Tavia Travels to Toledo
Tavia enjoyed spending a semester in Spain, studying Spanish. Her favorite part is the lifestyles Spainards live.

Leslie L. Studies Spanish in Spain
Leslie is a sociology and accounting major who spent six weeks studying in Toledo, completing requirements for her Spanish minor. Because of her trip, she is now interested in adding an international dimension to her career.

John W. Studies Spanish in Spain
John studied in Toledo for a semester, where he completed his Spanish minor requirements. He also interned as a columnist for Toledo's newspaper, La Tribuna.

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