News & Events

News & Events

Info Session: Volunteer & Community Engagement in Senegal, Guatemala, or Ecuador

Wednesday October 07, 1–2 p.m.
230 Heller Hall

Learn about winter or spring programs led by UofM staff. Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

Fall 2015 UMTC Education Abroad Network Meeting

Thursday October 08, 2:30–4 p.m.
Register here.

Study Abroad “Old School”: Re-Discovering University Study Programs Abroad

Fifteen years ago, more than half of students who went abroad did so on semester-long programs. Today it’s just one-third. And of those students, fewer and fewer are choosing integrated University Study programs, where students take classes alongside local students and are treated as regular students at a foreign university.

With the rise of home-grown programs and affiliate center-based options, the University Study model has become an afterthought, even though older generations of students knew it as one of the only ways to go abroad.